Our history

Our selection of products has flourished since 1886, but our quality standards have forever remained the same. And still today, the ties we enjoy with our farming families remain priceless. Each generation carries on that tradition of hard work to help keep Del Monte as fresh and ripe as ever.

Our mission

By farming, harvesting, and preserving the best nature has to offer, we help busy, health-conscious consumers make smart food choices.

With Del Monte,
the joy of eating healthily is a daily staple.

Our expertise

For over 130 years, our farmers labour their land with love.

Following the changing needs of the earth from season to season, they strive to maintain the delicate stability of everything they grow.

Each fruit, each carefully cultivated plot of land, has its own balance that needs special attention.

Our fruit and vegetable canning processes capture great taste, as well as vitamins, antioxidants and essential nutrients in our products.

Del Monte is the guarantee of healthy, quality products at your fingertips and for all occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Del Monte products come from?

The origin of fruits and vegetables can vary depending on the variety, so it’s important to read the package information.

Where can I buy Del Monte products?

Del Monte products are available in most grocery stores across Canada. As there are regional preferences, it’s possible that the product you’re looking for is not available in a particular area. If you can’t find a Del Monte product, we recommend speaking to the store manager to let them know you’re interested in this product or try another banner in your area. Some Del Monte Canada products can also be found at www.Amazon.ca.

How do I find out about current promotions?

Some promotions are displayed directly in stores or in retailer flyers where Del Monte products are sold. 

Are Del Monte products with no sugar added available?

Yes, we offer fruit in water with no added sugar. 

Are Del Monte products with no salt added available?

Yes! There are several products with no salt added such as corn, peas and beans.

How do I get coupons for Del Monte products?

Some coupons and promotional offers for Del Monte products are online and on social networks. Keep an eye out so you don’t miss out on these special offers!

How long can I keep a Del Monte can before opening?

As a guideline, Del Monte canned vegetables have a shelf life before opening between 2 and 3 years from the production date. This is assuming that the can isn’t dented or damaged and that the product is stored under normal conditions. 


As for our Del Monte fruit cups, they have a shelf life before opening of 1.5 years from the production date. This is only if the cup isn’t dented or damaged and that the product is stored under normal conditions.

After the best before date, we can’t guarantee that fruits and vegetables will retain their quality in terms of taste, texture, appearance or resistance to cooking. We recommend throwing out bulging or leaking cans or cups regardless of expiration date.

Where can I find the product expiration date?

For most Del Monte products, the expiration date is on the lid or bottom of the can. In the case of multiple packaging, this date may also be located on the back of the product carton. 

How long after opening can I eat canned fruits and vegetables?

Canned food will keep their original quality for 2 to 3 days when refrigerated in an airtight plastic or glass container.